Monday, December 21, 2009

WWE Wrestlers Attend TNA Christmas Party

We're not quite sure how one side of this equation will handle things, but, in the spirit of the holidays (One can only hope, of course), World Wrestling Entertainment stars, in Orlando Sunday for TV tapings which air this week, met up with friends from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, in Orlando for last night's Final Resolution pay-per-view, at the hotel TNA stays at during tapings at TNA's Christmas party, according to

The party reportedly began in the hotel bar with TNA and WWE wrestlers chatting when in walks TNA president Dixie Carter and invites the WWE guests to attend the TNA bash.

TNA's Samoa Joe, on his Twitter account, gave an interesting view of the event:

"Just found out there are old associates in town. Tonight the Illuminati meets...Illuminati meeting became Illuminati sleepover as is now Illuminati pancake breakfast. Secret societies seem so much cooler in the movies."

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