Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WWE Looking To Please Fans With Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View

After disappointing fans with the results of WWE Championship matches between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at the last two pay-per-view events (Night Of Champions September 15 and last Sunday's Battleground), WWE has reportedly pulled out all the stops to give fans a better (and more decisive) pay-per-view experience with the upcoming Hell In A Cell event October 27 in Miami, according to The Wrestling Observer.

Fans, both at the arenas and at home, upset with the way both title matches ended, demanded and, in some cases, got refunds on their tickets or pay-per-view purchases, and WWE doesn't want that to happen again.

It's the reason why the WWE Championship match between Bryan and Orton at Hell In A Cell will be fought in the iconic Hell In A Cell Match and the reason why fans, on Monday's Raw broadcast from Pittsburgh, were given the chance, through the WWE app, to decide on who the match's special guest referee would be, and they overwhelmingly chose Hall of Fame member Shawn Michaels.

Also, WWE decided that, since he has been cleared by their medical people to compete, John Cena would return way ahead of schedule following tricep surgery in August that was to keep him out of action until early next year and would face Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship in the hopes of boosting sales, both at the box office and on pay-per-view.

Now talk about THIS being good for business, WWE!

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